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Klimaatalarm en de volgende Feminist of the Night!

Op 14 maart zullen we ons massaal laten horen tijdens het klimaatalarm, want deze verkiezingen moet klimaatrechtvaardigheid centraal staan

Jeanette's speech at the Women's March

At the last Women's March in Amsterdam on March 5th, Jeanette gave a beautifull speach about Ecofeminism, and why we are angry, hopefull, and why its time for action. Read her speach back here.

Future beyond Shell Podcast

Our member Archana one of the people working on the Future beyond Shell podcast. Follow her work on the latest research, stories and imaginaries regarding the decade of Just Transition!

Climate march in Amsterdam

Blog about our experience of the climate march on the 6th of November 2021 in Amsterdam.

Gender Just Climate Solutions

Women around the world take the lead in developing solutions for climate mitigation and adaptation that benefit their communities and the environment.